Snap-it quick edge is very easy to install. Follow the simple instructions below to complete your perfect garden edging.

Dig the soil out and place the Snap-it quick edge in place.  Use the lock pins to hold the mold in place

For extra strength use 6mm steel rods and lay them in the molds. 

Ensure the steel is locked in place using the lock pins

Fill the Snap-it quick edge with concrete

Smooth the top using a trowel. If you require a colour finish, add a layer of colour cement to the top 1cm and smooth with a trowel.

For a brick finish, lay plastic on top of the cement while the cement is still wet.  Use the roller to imprint a brick finish.

When the cement is dry, cut the excess plastic away using a knife or scissors.

Snap-It  Installation Instructions

  1. Design and mark out components that suit your required shape and size
  2. Dig shallow trench for “Inground” applications or install on top of ground.
  3. Prepare a level, even base with fine aggregate, sand or similar.
  4. Lay Snap-it Quick Edge (cut strips if needed), lay 6mm steel on top (if needed) and gently fill with concrete. (mix to a wet consistency and tap sides to settle. ( Steel is recommended especially on edge of paving and where extra strength required to prevent cracking)
  5. After approx. 30mins, the concrete surface should be slightly set. Select your desire finish using a trowel, brush or imprint roller. (roller must be used over cling)
  6. Allow to cure for approximately 48Hrs before trimming off sides with a large heavy bladed knife
  7. Surface expansion joints (25mm deep cuts) are recommended at approx. 2.5m intervals.(Joints may be installed whilst concrete is still wet, or after full cure with concrete grinder.
  8. Finish edging by back filling with soil, stones or mulch etc.


1 cubic meter of concrete will do approx. 80m of edging.  In order to make 1cubic meter of edging, you will need the following:

10 bags cement

0.6 cubic meters of sand

0.6 cubic meters of stone.